K&K Rail Transportation Services can reduce project operating costs by as much as 50%

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Efficient--high volume rail transportation
K&K is focused on use of trucks for local project activity, while rail equipment is emphasized for long distance transportation needs.  Barge equipment can be utilized with wrapped MSW bales for ocean or inland waterway transportation.  K&K managed transportation can significantly reduce your project operating costs.
FEL loading 100 ton rail gondola

Gondola railcars can be directly loaded for remedial projects with onsite rail service.  This is the most efficient transportation alternative for project shipments over 150 miles.

Wrapped MSW bales shipped by truck, rail or barge
Loading wrapped MSW bales

Wrapped MSW bales can be loaded into railcars for long distance shipment.  Railcar net weight can be maximized to 100+ tons with high density wrapped K&K bales.   Modified boxcars or gondola railcars can also be used.  K&K has pioneered rail shipment of wrapped MSW bales.

K&K wrapped MSW bales loaded into railcar to maximum 100 ton net weight.
Loading wrapped MSW-RDF or wood chip bales onto ocean going ship for transport to energy recovery facility.
Wrapped bales can be quickly loaded onto any type of truck.  Tarps are not necessary and, since the wrapped bales do not contaminate the truck bed, the truck can be returned to other back haul service without cleaning.  High density K&K bales easily maximize truck load weight for efficient transportation.