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Remedial Project Field Management

 K&K projects include:

  • Stabilization of 2.5 million cubic yards of non-hazardous contaminated dredge sediments
  • Loading and rail transport of 90,000 tons of non-haz contaminated soil from one project site.  Many other smaller load/transport projects.
  • Ongoing management of rail shipments of MSW and sludge

Patented tipping container loading gondola
WSG patented tipping container allows for transport of waste materials by truck from the project site to a rail loading area.  Project materials are then tipped into the rail gondola in order to minimize project container usage and reduce transportation costs.
WBR Excavator Mounted Hydraulic Mixer
The WBR hydraulic mixer can be mounted on an excavator to allow for long reach during stabililzation of sludge materials.  Reagents can be added through the mixer or separately.  The mixer provides thorough blending of reagents and project materials to produce stable fill and project capping material with immobilized contaminates.