K&K's  'Wrapped Bale System' 
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  • SSI Pri-Max--single and twin or quad shaft shredders for the most difficult MSW and C&D material.  Improve baler production, waste compaction and produce refuse derived fuel (RDF).
  • K&K twin ram  and channel balers for MSW & recycled materials. Both plastic and wire tie; save up to $2/ton with plastic tie balers. 
  • CrossWrap MSW and recyclable bale wrappers--no odors, birds or litter.  Cross Wrap 'Direct' eliminates all bale ties and tie costs.
  • CP Mfg-- MSW & CD processing and recyclable recovery systems.
  • Cube Automation GiantFlex baler produces variable size wrapped bales from 2 cubic yards to 4.5 cubic yards.  Use includes biofuel and recyclable baling and wrapping. 


Municipal and industrial waste processing
SSI Pri Max shredder processing C&D waste.
MSW shredding
SSI pri max mobile shredder

SSI Pri-Max shredders effieiently process MSW and C&D waste materials.  Shredded waste can increase load weight by up to 20% so that container, truck or railcar weights can be maximized.  Shredded waste also compacts with up to 25% greater density in landfills, greatly extending landfill life.  The SSI Pri-Max 6000 shredder can process up to 160 tons of MSW or 120 tons of C&D per hour.  SSI mobile or fixed base shredders easily deal with large volumes of debris and other wastes from storms and hurricanes.

shredding MSW C&D
PR 4000 electric shredder for MSW
MSW conveyors
Builtrite material handler loading SSI shredder

K&K single and twin ram balers for MSW, RDF and recyclables.  K&K quality American made balers including options for PET strap on twin ram models or Cross Wrap 'Direct' to eliminate all bale ties.  PET strap saves about 50% on bale tie costs compared with wire tie. 

K&K plastic tie baler
K&K plastic tie bales

CrossWrap system wraps MSW bales and other materials in low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic.  LDPE plastic wrap is odor and weather proof and prevents bird attraction to MSW.  Rainfall and landfill leachate drains cleanly off of the LDPE. Cross Wrap 'Direct' can be used with twin ram balers to eliminate all bale ties.  K&K can provide high quality LDPE plastic suitable for use in Cross Wrap systems throughout North America.

Cross Wrap automatic bale opener, removes plastic and tie from RDF bales
MSW baling
CrossWrap production scale--3.19 ton bale
bale wrapping
Wrapped MSW bale
CrossWrap bale wrapping systems have produced millions of secure, odor free wrapped MSW bales.  Wrapped CrossWrap bales are a 'good neighbor', shed rainwater and can be stored outside without concern for odors or bird attraction.  When placed in a balefill, CrossWrap bales can preclude the need for daily cover.  Bale compaction and close stacking of square bales can result in landfill space savings of 20%, greatly increasing landfill life.

MSW bale wrapping
Wrapping K&K 3 ton bale
Wrapped bales
Plastic tie twin ram baler with CrossWrap

CrossWrap systems are highly compatable with K&K's baler plastic tie system (but can also be used with any type baler).  Wrapped MSW bales can be shipped by truck, barge or rail (see K&K transportation section).

K&K-Cube's vertical GiantFlex baler-wrapper combination compresses material into a 'square' bale and then wraps the compressed bale with low density polyethylene (LDPE).  The wrapped bale is weatherproof, sealed top and bottom and can be wrapped onto a pallet or left free standing.  The system can be controlled to produce wrapped bales ranging from 2 to over 4 cubic yards.  The K&K system is particularly well suited to baling small size material that is not suitable for conventional balers.  The K&K system can bale & wrap woody biofuel, auto shredder fluff, cattle feed, sludge, compost, wood chips & shavings, poultry waste etc.

wood chip baling
K&K bales stored outside
MSW conveyors
CP-Krause baler feed conveyors

CP-Krause manufactures conveyors as well as manual and automatic sorting systems for recovery of all types of recyclable materials.   CP conveyors for MSW are based on heavy duty, cleated rubber belt designs that are far more robust that conventional metal plate design.  CP recycling equipment systems can be designed to recovers metal, paper, cardboard and wood materials.  In conjunction with other K&K equipment, CP systems recover valuable materials and improve profits. 

C&D cleaning
CP 'Rocket' for C&D processing
MSW sort line recycling
CP-Krause sorting lines