K&K Environmental, LLC
'Wrapped Bale Systems'

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K&K provides cost effective management and equipment solutions to help our customers solve a range of environmental problems:  

  • K&K's 'Wrapped Bale System' for clean, low cost MSW management.
  • Rail, Truck and Barge or Ship Transportation Management
  • Wrapped MSW bale shipment by rail, back-haul truck or ocean.
  • Project Consulting, facility design, equipment selection.
  • MSW shredding, baling and wrapping equipment provides secure handling and storage options for ongoing operations or storm events including hurricanes.

Ship or barge transport
Dockside loading
wrapped balefill operation
3 ton wrapped bales loading
wrapped bale storage

K&K's 'Wrapped Bale System'; K&K is the authorized representative for  world class processing equipment for shredding, baling and plastic wrapping of MSW and recyclable materials.  Plastic tie balers save up to $2 per ton compared with wire tie balers. Option of Cross Wrap 'Direct' that eliminates all bale ties.  CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE.

K&K transportation service is focused on providing project management for rail, truck and barge or ship transportation of municipal and industrial waste materials.


K&K consulting service is based upon 35 years of project management experience with field operations for remedial-site clean-up, municipal waste management and other environmental projects.